Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many works can I upload?
    As a Member Basic you can upload 20 works
    As  a Member Verified - as many you like :)
  • What is osten4art?
    OSTEN4art is a professional community-platform for people who love art & cartoons. You can upload your latest works and let the community know. Add comments to the works of others. Create your own profile, show your works and see what the others are doing. Try it out.. Turn into an expert :) 
  • Why do I have to register on osten4art?
    osten4art is an open network. You can search and look at cartoons freely, but if you want to upload your own images or like and comment on others, you need to be registered. This way osten4art ensure the anonymous abuse impossible.
  • How do I change the information on my profile?

    You can change the particulars made on your personality by clicking PROFILE DETAILS of the icon next to your name after you login. You are now on your profile page where you are able to change or complete any information you have previously made. When you are done,  just click UPDATE button.

  • How do I find my cartoons?
    Once you have uploaded your cartoon and branded it with the essential information, it will be collected in the gallery on your profile page. By clicking EDIT button below the cartoon, you can change the information and add new titles, comments or tags.  
  • What is a Collection?

    A Collection is a gallery with cartoons of one thematic focus. For example, a Collection named "Freedom of speech" can contain cartoons of showing Donald Trump etc. Further Collections could be "Beer", "Drawn in rush" or "Healthy Democracy". Every registered user can create Collections. 

  • How can my works participate in the active competitions?

    Once you upload your cartoon works on the , go to your profile and open the work you want to participate with in the active competitions. Click ENTER COMPETITION button below the work, select the wanted competition and press I ACCEPT. After receiving approval of the admistator, the cartoon work automatically will be visible on the competition. 

  • What users types are existing at osten4art?
    Member Basic
    Member Verified 
  • Which file formats can I upload?
    You can upload your cartoons in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • Is there an entry fee?

    Osten4art is free of charge. You can upload images for free, like and comment on other images and create the collections of your favorite works. By doing this you become a part of the large osten4art community.

  • What is the maximum file size allowed for a single image?
    For the best quality of your images, you can upload files up to 10MB. 
  • Can I invite friends to join osten4art?
    Yes, you can and we strongly recommend it!